World Cup Criticism | A Qatari Official has slammed the ‘hypocrisy’ of the World Cup 2022!

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World Cup Criticism

Calls to boycott the 2022 World Cup Criticism are ‘unfortunate,’ according to the foreign ministry. Qatar’s foreign minister has slammed the “hypocrisy” of those advocating for a boycott of the World Cup to protest alleged human rights violations in the Gulf nation.

World Cup Criticism

In an interview published Thursday, Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani told Le Monde that the majority of the globe was looking forward to the tournament, which begins in Doha this month, and that the “attacks” were carried out by “a very tiny number of individuals at the World Cup Criticism.”

“It’s sad, to be honest. The truth is that the whole globe is anticipating this celebration. Almost all of the tickets have been sold. “We see European nations like France in the top ten countries that purchased the most tickets,” Al Thani, who is also the deputy prime minister, stated.

Qatar is the first Middle Eastern nation to host the World Cup Criticism, but it has suffered a barrage of criticism since the event was granted to them in 2010. Its treatment of migrant labor, in particular, and its human rights records have come under scrutiny, prompting demands for teams to boycott the event entirely.

World Cup Criticism

Human rights groups slammed the country’s previous use of the kafala system, which tied workers to an employer whose consent they needed to change jobs in the form of a No Objection Certificate (NOC), a law that rights activists argued tied their presence in Qatar to their employers and led to abuse and exploitation.

The kafala system was abolished in Qatar in August 2020, among other historic reforms such as the implementation of a minimum wage on World Cup Criticism.

Several Gulf nations have recently implemented modifications to their kafala systems, which were historically widespread among the Gulf Cooperation Council’s six member states.

‘Two standards’

In response to a question about why it took so long for Qatar to eliminate the kafala system, given that all stadiums were completed by 2020, Al Thani said that such changes “take time.” “This is true for every nation; Qatar is not an exception.” Of course, there are still issues, which we want to address,” he stated.

World Cup Criticism

However, the deputy prime minister said that there is a “double standard” in “systematically” blaming the Qatari government for labor difficulties World Cup Criticism, but “the tiniest event is placed on the corporation” in Europe. “I suppose there are some individuals who don’t believe that a little Middle Eastern nation can host such a worldwide event,” he continued.

‘A really friendly nation.’

Al Thani said in the interview that Qatar is a “very hospitable nation” and that the “entire globe is welcome in our country.” “All we ask is that fans follow our laws, just as we want you to respect ours when we come to visit at the World Cup Criticism,” he continued. According to the deputy prime minister, there will be no clashes between security officers and fans unless particular behaviors endanger individuals. “That’s the only case where they’d step in.”

When asked what policy Qatar would follow if players spoke out on non-sporting matters, Al Thani said that they “would be free to do so; we will never restrict anybody from expressing themselves.” Several competing teams, notably Denmark, Australia, and England, have emphasized the condition of migrant workers in Qatar.

Meanwhile, Qatar’s deputy prime minister said that the country would continue to hold sporting events in the future in order to “connect” people on the World Cup Criticism. “Our goal is to bring people together and bring them together.” Sport is a valuable instrument for achieving this objective. Our nation is prepared to host large athletic events. “The World Cup is only one example,” he said.

The World Cup will be held between November 20 and December 18.

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