World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team | Defeated Iran to claim the last quarterfinal place 2022

brazil defeated iran

World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team

Leal has the most points (20) at World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team.

Brazil won the last remaining spot in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship 2022 quarterfinals on Tuesday evening, defeating Iran in straight sets in Gliwice. Yoandy Leal, their outside hitter at World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team, scored a game-high 20 points as they won the Round of 16 match 3-0 (25-17, 25-22, 25-23) in overtime.

Brazil will compete against Argentina for a place in the tournament’s final four on Thursday. Earlier in the day, Argentina defeated Serbia to advance to the quarterfinals.

Despite the absence (due to illness) of great player Ricardo Lucarelli off the court, Brazil outspent Iran by 41 attacking points to 32 for their opponents, and it was the difference in the game.

In fact, Leal was the only player to score in double figures. He spiked to end the opening set 25-17 at World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team. Then, with a pipe shot, he delivered the second set winner for 25-22. The 34-year-old Cuban-born outside killed the overpass in the most contested third set to put Brazil up 20-19. Leal’s offensive tally accounted for a total of 19 points, with a 63% success rate. After Iran briefly recovered control on an ace by opposite Saber Kazemi for 23-22, it was Leal who brought home the 24-23 match point with his only kill block of the game.

With a superbly put ace by setter and captain Bruno Rezende, who had just stepped in as a substitute, that match point was instantly converted to win. His serve was first judged long, but Brazil disputed the judgment, and it was discovered that the ball had touched the outside of the end line slightly at World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team.

World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team
Bruno Rezende beams as he completes the match with an ace.

Brazil hit a total of seven aces throughout the match. In the opening set, first setter Fernando Kreling scored 22-15 with an off-the-net serve. In the second set, experienced middle blocker Lucas Saatkamp had two blocks for 13-10 and 22-15 of World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team. His cross-court partner Flavio Gualberto struck an ace in the third set to cut Iran’s advantage to 6-5, while outside hitter Rodrigo Leao hit a handful of serving points in the opening two. The final three blockers ended with eight points each, with Flavio leading the way with three stuffs.

“I am overjoyed! “I am delighted with what we are accomplishing,” Fernando stated after the game. “It was not an easy task. It was a difficult contest versus the Iranian guys. The first set was a little unusual for them at the World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team. They could have been a little apprehensive, but it was a difficult game. Now we recuperate, study Argentina extensively, and make some little advances in practice.”

World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team

Despite the excellent overall performance of outside hitter Javad Manavi and middle blocker Amir Hossein Toukhteh, the Iranian players were not competitive enough in the opening set. However, the Asian team gained momentum and outplayed Brazil in the following two matches. World Cup Brazil Volleyball Team Backup opposite Amin Esmaeilnezhad, particularly outside Amirhossein Esfandiar, was critical to Iran putting up a strong fight. Amin struck an ace shortly after entering the second set, cutting Brazil’s advantage to 6-5, and later in the set scored two more points in attack. In set three, Esfandiar led Iran’s charge with eight points, including two kill blocks and an ace.

Manavi had the same total, but across the first two sets, while outside and captain Milad Ebadipour ended with eight points, all on offense.

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