Volleyball World Cup | Takahashi vs. Ishikawa: Episode 2 of the Japanese battle is set to air in the Italian SuperLega 2022

Takahashi vs. Ishikawa

Volleyball World Cup

Padova will host Milano on Sunday at the Volleyball World Cup.

The SuperLega Credem Banca is largely regarded as the finest men’s domestic league in the world, and it contains many of the top international volleyball players. These individuals have a significant effect on the result of the Italian League, and this week we concentrate on two of Japan’s top national team talents at the Volleyball World Cup. Yuki Ishikawa and Ran Takahashi – who will face off against each other when their Italian club clubs meet in Padua on Sunday.

Volleyball World Cup

Takahashi’s Pallavolo Padova will face Ishikawa’s Allianz Milano in a seventh-leg match on November 13 at the Kioene Arena, beginning at 15:30 local time (14:30 UTC) at the Volleyball World Cup.

The Japanese men’s national team is on the rise, thanks to players like outside hitters Yuki Ishikawa and Ran Takahashi. Japan has not won a major world-level medal since their bronze medal at the 2009 FIVB Volleyball World Cup Grand Champions Cup, but they have definitely begun to grow out of their underdog status at such competitions over the last decade, swinging in the opposite direction, towards the team’s glory years of the 1960s and 1970s, and certainly becoming a squad to watch.

Ishikawa, the most seasoned of the ‘fab three’ (together with opposite Yuji Nishida), turns 27 next month. Japan’s current captain has been a part of the national team since he was 18 years old. He joined the senior squad while still competing in his country’s different age-category national selections and won his first medal, an Asian Games 2014 silver.

Around that time, he began his first professional season in Italy, becoming the first Japanese athlete to compete in the SuperLega Volleyball World Cup. As a member of Modena Volley, he won the Coppa Italia in 2015 and a SuperLega silver medal. During same season, he also went to Japan to play for his academic team, leading Chuo University to the All-Japan Intercollegiate Championship and collecting the Most Valuable Player award. Ishikawa and his college colleagues also won the competition’s following two editions.

The 1.91m outside returned to Italy as a Top Volley Latina player for the 2016-2017 season. Before joining Allianz Milano in 2020, he played for Emma Villas Siena and Kioene Padova. Ishikawa won the 2021 CEV Volleyball World Cup with his present team.

Volleyball World Cup

Meanwhile, with the national team at the Volleyball World Cup, Ishikawa won gold in 2017, silver in 2021, and bronze in 2019, as well as bronze in the Asian Cup in 2016. He and his colleagues performed well in a number of big international events, placing fourth at the 2019 FIVB Volleyball World Cup, sixth at the Volleyball Nations League 2022, and seventh at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Ran Takahashi, who joined Ryujin Nippon in 2021, also made significant contributions to several of those accomplishments. His achievement at the Tokyo Olympics won him a spot on the ‘fab three’ of Japanese volleyball, and he will join Ishikawa and Nishida in Italy in December 2021. (even if Nishida has since returned to play in Japan).

Outside, the 1.88m-tall man, who is just 21 years old, seems to be following in Ishikawa’s footsteps at the Volleyball World Cup. He joined the national squad at the age of 19 and made an instant impact. Soon after, while still in college and participating for the Nippon Sport Science University team, he traveled to Italy to begin his professional career. Takahashi is now playing for Pallavolo Padova in his second season.

Volleyball World Cup

Ishikawa and Takahashi have spent a lot of time on the same side of the net as Ryujin Nippon colleagues, but this will be just the second time they play each other as competitors and, most likely, the first time they are both among the six regular starts. In their first meeting as opponents, Ishikawa and his Milan colleagues defeated Padova 3-0 at home in February. While Ishikawa provided five points to the victory, Takahashi served as a libero and had a 43% good reception rate.

Takahashi, on the other hand, has been a significant component of Padova’s starting lineup this season, accumulating up to 80 points, including five blocks and three aces in five games played, making him the team’s second most prolific player. Ishikawa, on the other hand, has 43 points, three aces, and a block at the Volleyball World Cup.

Milano are now eighth in the rankings with a 3-3 win-loss record and seven points, while Takahashi and his colleagues are tenth with a 3-2 record and six points.

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