FIFA World Cup | Homosexuality is mental Harm! According to Qatar’s FIFA World Cup Ambassador 2022


FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup, In an interview with German television ZDF on Monday, FIFA World Cup ambassador and former player Khalid Salman stated homosexuality causes “mental harm.” The interview, which was shot in Doha less than two weeks before the tournament began, was abruptly cut short by a World Cup organizing committee official.

FIFA World Cup

During the conversation, Salman brought up the fact that homosexuality is outlawed in Qatar. Salman informed ZDF that being homosexual was “haram,” or banned under Islamic law. “It’s mental harm,” Salman said. With so many people scheduled to visit to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, Salman said, “let’s speak about homosexuality.”

“The most essential thing is that everyone would accept their being here. But they will have to accept our regulations,” he stated, adding that he was afraid that youngsters might learn “something bad.” Salman played football FIFA World Cup for Qatar in the 1980s and 1990s.

He competed in the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984 and has been named one of the tournament’s host nation ambassadors. From November 20 to December 18, Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup 2022. Human rights campaigner Rasha Younes, senior LGBT rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, slammed Salman’s words, calling them “damaging and unacceptable.”

FIFA World Cup

“The Qatari government’s reluctance to combat misleading information has a huge effect on the lives of Qatar’s #LGBT inhabitants,” she tweeted. This comes as the awarding of the football tournament to Qatar has been heavily criticized owing to the Gulf state’s human rights condition and treatment of migrant employees. FIFA World Cup, football’s international governing body, advised countries competing in the 2022 FIFA World Cup earlier this month to concentrate on football when the tournament begins.

FIFA acknowledged to CNN that a letter signed by FIFA President Gianni Infantino and the governing body’s secretary general Fatma Samoura was sent out on Thursday to the 32 countries competing in the global extravaganza, but would not reveal the contents.

FIFA World Cup

“If Gianni Infantino wants the world to ‘concentrate on football,’ there is a simple solution: FIFA World Cup should finally start addressing significant human rights concerns rather than pushing them under the carpet,” Amnesty International’s Head of Economic and Social Justice Steve Cockburn stated.

“A first step would be officially committing to the creation of a fund to recompense migrant workers before the tournament begins, as well as guaranteeing that LGBT persons are not subjected to prejudice or harassment.” It’s amazing they haven’t done so yet. “Gianni Infantino is correct when he says, ‘FIFA World Cup does not live in a vacuum.’ Hundreds of thousands of employees have been subjected to maltreatment in order for this tournament to take place, and their rights must not be ignored or discarded.

FIFA World Cup

The World Cup countdown clock at the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar on December 15, 2021 in Doha.

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